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When do I get to take a sabbatical to travel the world and draw, paint, and knit? I've been doing the same job for almost seven years, which is awesome, but that also means I haven't had more than two weeks together away from my job in seven years. Ew. Of course a sabbatical is not the priority right now, so that's really a rhetorical question.
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Which destinations are at the top of your list for sabbatical?
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That sounds lovely!
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7 years seems like such a long time-- although when I originally envisioned my career, I don't think I expected to move around as much as I have. I suppose employment stability vs. fluidity is one of those "grass is greener" areas. One of my old managers took a month-long leave of absence for travel once, but a month is a very short sabbatical... and as you say, not really your top priority right now anyway.
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Is your work portable? Could you take, if not a sabbatical, at least a location holiday when other concerns aren't pressing?